RE Syllabus

Both schools follow the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus making full use of 'The Emmanuel Project' scheme of work, as recommended by the Diocese. This follows an enquiry approach with a focus on 'Big Questions', and explores understanding of the Christian faith alongside a broad range of other faiths and world-views. 

The primary aim of RE is to develop religious literacy.  Teaching focuses on the concepts and beliefs at the heart of the religion and looks at the experience of believers from the point of view of a child.  The key questions for the enquiry approach are explored by looking at religious text, community living and how the believer lives their life in practice.  

Bentley is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School (CEVC) which means more curriculum time is spent on RE, through additional prayer space days and stronger links with both churches in Bentley. 

Our Long Term Plan (LTP) for RE makes full use of The Emmanuel Project, ensuring a clear progression of knowledge and skills.  Further information can be found in documents below.  

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Bentley School's Christian Ethos

"Know that I am with you always," Matthew 28:20 We encourage the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of the school family by embedding Christian values into everyday life. Our vision is for all children to be confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens who are well equipped for future life, knowing that God is with them always.