How will school staff support my child?

SEND Offer

How will school staff support my child?

The SENDCo and class teacher and/or Teaching Assistant will aim to meet and discuss your child every term or half termly if neccesary. They will reflect on the progress your child has made and consider the impact of intervention and support in place to meet your child’s individual needs. Through discussions it may be decided that a different strategy or intervention may better suit your child’s individual needs.  Parents/carers would then be invited to share their feelings and thoughts.  

We ensure arrangements for provision are effective by measuring the impact of provision/intervention and tracking progress termly as well as at the end of interventions or a specified period of time. 

Pupils are given bookmarks with their individual targets on which support small steps of progress and achievement. For example, this may be to learn to read & recognise a certain amount of key words.

Where possible, we aim to match staff expertise to pupil’s individual needs. For example, a pupil with speech and language difficulties would receive support from a member of staff who is ELKLAN trained. It is their responsibility to deliver and evaluate the support/intervention as discussed and agreed with the SENDCo.

Staff will also support your child by encouraging them to be fully involved in their own education and making decisions. This is done by inviting them to annual reviews, inviting them to progress reviews and supporting them to share their own reflections on target cards; celebrating achievements and talking about next steps in driving their learning. 

Pupil's with SEND are fully supported to enable them to engage in all curriculum activities. This may be done through providing specific resources, adult support, individual strategies and discussions with parents.

Bentley School's Christian Ethos

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