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"I don't know how to support my child with maths, it's all so different from when I went to school!"

This has been a common statement at parent meetings so we have worked alongside parents and the PTA (who have helped fund some projects) to provide you with a very practical and positive set of resources........

The Parent's Guides below detail the objectives for number taught to each age group in school and show clear pictures of the types of equipment and representations that are used to help children develop the conceptual understanding that is so important. Alongside these we provide through a library loan, each child with a Maths Bag of resources and a guide book/ leaflets so parents can support their learning at home. We  also regularly deliver maths sessions for adults to enable parents to learn more about the approaches we use when teaching new skills and strategies with particular age groups, or invite parents to come into school and work alongside their child in a workshop style environment. These always are very popular and are well supported.

You may also find the Calculation Policy helpful as it includes pictures of equipment as well as written methods for number  that we use in school for each step.

You will also find a set of objectives for each age range, which shows the full range of mathematical learning that your child will encounter. However ,as we have mixed age classes, we will often choose to teach these in a different order to make sure that all the children get time to access and practice this learning.

Check out the Maths Progression Document to see how all the learning fits together and is developed over the different year groups.

The other information sheets are particularly helpful when more difficult concepts are being explored.

Useful websites


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KS1 Bitesize

Maths help for parents - guides, resources and fun activities

Click here for useful videos modelling strategies for parents

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