The Role of the PTA

The Parent Teacher's Association is a group of volunteers made up of parents and staff whose purpose is to organise events to raise money for the school, raise the profile of the school within our community and generally organise fun events for children and adults.

The PTA meet approximately six times a year, where we spend a couple of hours trying to come up with new ideas to get children and their adults involved in events and distribute tasks to make these events happen. The meetings are very informal and no-one is pressurised into taking on more than they can manage.

Bentley PTA 

Officers and committee members:

Chair: Aimee Louis

Secretary: Gail Nye

Treasurers: Ami Baalham & Sarah Hawley

Headteacher: Jo Austin

Committe members:

Rachael Rudge (Deputy Head)

Katie Cole

Kim Steer

Mel Sayer

Tori Przybyl-daynes

Louise Freeman

Sarah Sadler

Kate Ramsell


Copdock PTA

PTA Committee:

Ruth Page  (Chairperson)


Laura Houlden (Treasurer)

Melissa Speed (Secretary)

Joanne Austin (Headteacher) 


How to join

Please talk to any of the committee members if you would like to join. All meeting dates are on the school calendar so just start coming along. Anyone interested would then officially join at the next AGM in October where the election of of key roles takes place.

Fundraising Activities

The PTA presents a number of opportunities throughout the school year to raise funds for the benefit of the pupils, school, teachers and parents. Below is a list of the activities we have organised in the past:

  • Summer Fete
  • Film Nights
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Race Night
  • Leavers BBQ 
  • Easter Bingo
  • Quiz Night
  • Monthly Cake Sales
  • 100 Club Lottery

The proceeds of our fund raising allows the school to benefit in the following ways:

  • Donation for Astroturf sports areas
  • Coaches for trips
  • Contributions towards trips such as the science museum
  • Resources for classes such as dressing up clothes, maths aids, english resources, etc.
  • Leavers T-Shirts and recognition events
  • PA system & stands 
  • Software for computer systems
  • An oven for the kitchen to allow better cookery activities as part of topics
  • Wireless microphones to aid performances and assemblies
  • Purple Mash software licences that can be used both in and out of school by all pupils
  • Digital cameras for curriculum enhancements
  • In-house school performances from theatre companies
  • KS1 contribution towards new whiteboard
  • School reading materials for KS1 and KS2 guided reading
  • Hire of portaloos for school field to allow use for the summer fete and during the summer term for children's sporting activities
  • Junior Librarian Package
  • Licences for Education City
  • Christmas resources and gifts for all pupils
  • Disco lights for future fundraising events and school use
  • New computers
  • Sets of iPads with charging trolley
  • Maths bag resources

Please support your PTA and hence your child and school by attending events. If you have time on your hands, then please donate some of that time, to become a member of the PTA and help spread the load for the organisation of events.

Bentley School's Christian Ethos

"Know that I am with you always," Matthew 28:20 We encourage the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of the school family by embedding Christian values into everyday life. Our vision is for all children to be confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens who are well equipped for future life, knowing that God is with them always.