Return to School FAQs

Return to School September 2020

FAQ Responses
Q. What steps are being taken by the school or education department about people that might have travelled over the summer holiday period?
A. We are expecting all families to be transparent about their holiday destinations and ensure they follow quarantine guidelines on return as / if required. If anyone needs guidance they are encouraged to contact school BEFORE sending their child in on Friday.
Q. How will emergency medication be dealt with in school such as allergy medicine?
A. All emergency medication ie: anti-histamines (Piriton) and adrenaline pens will be kept in the child's class. An adult will administer these in the event of an emergency / allergic reaction. Staff may wear PPE in these circumstances as it necessitates close proximity to that child.
Q. Can my child bring in their own equipment from home, for example, to aid writing or left handed equipment?
A. Please do not bring in any equipment from home, all aids / equipment that children need in school will be provided in their personal packs and will not be shared with any other children.
Q. Do all children get a free lunch?
A. No, this was an error in the letter that was sent out -  all children in years R, 1 and 2 get a free school lunch (if they choose to have one) due to the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme. Children in Years 3-6 are charged £2.40 a meal unless they are in receipt of benefits tested Free School Meals. Those families who are eligible are already aware of their eligibility. If your circumstances have changed recently and your income has been affected, you may be eligible. Please visit
Q. When will school hot dinners be available for everyone?
A. We propose to review the hot meals provision during the first two weeks. We are hoping that by half term, if not before, all children will be able to have a hot lunch if they would like one. We will keep you updated on any changes. For now, KS1 will have hot meal options the first two weeks, then KS2 will have this opportunity for the following two weeks.
Q. Should children bring a snack?
A. We are expecting the free fruit and veg scheme for children in years R-2 to resume from Monday 7th September. Free milk for the under 5s will also start from this date. Children in years 3-6 will need to bring a healthy snack with them if they would like one at break time. Please ensure this is wrapped or in a sealed bag.
Please ensure any food sent into school is nut free (including may contain) as we do have children with severe allergies.
Q. Can children have Calpol in school?
A. Unfortunately, at the present time, we can not administer Calpol or any other non-emergency medication. If your child has a temperature, please do not give them Calpol then send them in to school as this could mask Covid-19 symptoms. If your child becomes unwell while at school, parents will be contacted as outlined in the letter.
Q. If my child is feeling unwell will it be assumed they may be presenting with COVID symptoms?
A. We are very aware that children may show sign of tiredness or colds as we more towards colder days. We will be taking a common sense approach to managing such ailments but remain vigilant to potential signs of COVID symptoms. We do appreciate that there will be times when a child is just unwell but with some encouragement and support will still be able to get through to the end of the day. If we are concerned they are too unwell to be in school we will contact you. If a child has a new continuous cough, high temperature or loss of smell / taste, we will be contacting parents to collect their child and arranging for them to have a test. Parents MUST NOT send their child into school if they have symptoms of COVID and if unsure should keep them at home to monitor them.
Q. Can children wear trainers for PE?
A. Absolutely! We would encourage children to wear suitable trainers for PE rather than plimsolls, as they offer more support, and PE will be outside so trainers would be far more sturdy. Children should arrive at school dressed in their PE kit and trainers on the correct day. Further information will be sent home on Friday about PE days.

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