Our Aims

To achieve our vision, we aim to:  

  • Promote high aspirations in every child encouraging determination and perseverance so they can confidently engage with the challenges of adult life. 

  • inspire and enthuse children through learning experiences which have a purposeful connection to real life  

  • promote active participation in learning

  • develop independence through well-resourced and accessible learning environments

  • promote pupil’s self-esteem and emotional wellbeing, helping them to form and maintain worthwhile and satisfying relationships  

  • help our children to learn to respect themselves and others, sharing and celebrating successes and achievements of all members of the school community  

  • develop positive attitudes which encourage possibilities, overcome challenges and provide opportunities to develop new skills and talents

  • set and reinforce boundaries so children feel able to make positive choices in learning and behaviour, within a healthy, safe and caring environment 

  • work closely and in partnership with parents

  • be reflective and responsive to the needs of our school community

  • have fun and be happy! 

Bentley School's Christian Ethos

"Know that I am with you always," Matthew 28:20 We encourage the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of the school family by embedding Christian values into everyday life. Our vision is for all children to be confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens who are well equipped for future life, knowing that God is with them always.